The 2017 August Firesale was another huge success with 12 player contract offers and 8 signings in 8 different countries.  Check the final placement results and player reflections here.

Results by the numbers:

  • 16 players
  • 13 tryouts
  • 12 contract offers
  • 8 signed
  • 8 countries

Player Contracts:

  1. Paige Hill, University of Miami; Salzburg, Austria
  2. Julia Mackey, University of Anchorage Alaska; Galzigamusa, Cyprus
  3. Makena Schoene, Drake University; Prerov, Czech Republic
  4. Megan Vander Meer, Ferris State; Prerov, Czech Republic
  5. Michelle Gauthier, Grande Prairie; Prerov, Czech Republic
  6. Hailey Jones, San Diego State University, Vilsbiburg, Germany
  7. Nicole Kinser, Western Michigan University; Haladas, Hungary
  8. Eliza Zachary, Georgia State University; Gislaved, Sweden

England Universities:

  1. Emily Astarita, Dartmouth College; Northumbria University England
  2. Alyssa Koenig; University of Utah; Newcastle University


  1. Rachelle Chamberlain, Eastern Oregon University; Vilsbiburg, Germany
  2. Ashanti Banks, Northwestern Oklahoma State; Bled, Slovenia
  3. Emily Astarita, Dartmouth College; Szent Benedek-Balatonfured Roplabda Akademia-Hungary


  • England
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovenia

Coaches at Dras:

  1. Goran Jovanovic; Pula, Croatia
  2. David Goodchild; Head Coach NorthUmbria University/England Senior Head Volleyball Coach
  3. Yusuf Nahum; Turkish BIP partner
  4. Goran Hadzic, Sasa Grekulovic, Mirsad Elezovic; ZOK Bimal-Jedinstvo BRCKO, Bosnia
  5. Szent Benedek-Balatonfured Roplabda Akademia-Hungary

Player Testimonials

“The Women’s August Firesale got me a job!” I feel that should be my starting sentence, since that is what we all want from this tour. I was lucky enough to attend two tours with Bring It Promotions. I also attended the Exposure Tour in January 2017. I used that tour to help me decide if I was capable of playing overseas, and if it was the right move for me. In January, BIP showed me what the reality of living and playing overseas was. They encouraged us to embrace what it would be like to be living in a foreign country for 8+ months. They showed me the level I would be able to compete at and they kept it real with me. 

The January Tour was beneficial, but the results came from the Firesale. This tour was the best way to expose myself to coaches. The practices, run by astounding coaches, well prepared us to compete when the recruiting coaches arrived. The practices allowed our bodies to adjust to time changes and allowed us to get the feel of the players that would be surrounding us when game time came. Coaches were at the games and watched from live streams. From the multiple avenues of exposure, it was easy for many coaches to see us play.

Aside from plenty of exposure and plenty of volleyball, the BIP staff helps make the experience pleasurable. The staff is fun, kind and truly cares for your well-being while on the tour and as they send you to your potential new team. They work hard talking with coaches and organizing details to get you where you need to be. They understand the drive you as a player have, and that you will do all you can to reach your goal. They work alongside you to get you the right fit.

Overall, I have gained a great deal from both Exposure Tours (mostly, I gained a job!). But I have also created great connections and friendships through these tours and recommend them to anyone pursuing their volleyball dream.”

-Paige Hill, University of Miami; Salzburg, Austria

As a former NCAA Division 1 athlete, I came on the tour with the hopes of finding a contract and continuing my volleyball career. This was an opportunity I’ve wanted to pursue not only to play volleyball, but also to gain experience living abroad. I had been to Europe many times before, so not everything was completely new for me but there is always more to learn!

Upon arrival to Slovenia, I was very anxious to get started as well as terrified that in ten days, I would have to return home without a contract. The important thing I learned was to just play hard, have fun, and enjoy your time in Europe! The style of play, as well as the ball we played with, is much different and took some getting used to. Coaching techniques were different as well, so I had to go into every practice with an open mind.

Overall, I had a great experience. We had time off to go explore Maribor and get out of the gym. All the girls I met on the tour were extremely supportive of each other and I am still in contact with most of them.  I was able to find a team on one of the last days of the tour. They sent me to Germany the next day to try out for the team, I ended up signing a contract for that team and I’m very happy with how it all worked out!”

-Hailey Jones, San Diego State University; Vilsbiburg, Germany