In 2019, 14 players attended the August Firesale camp. Out of the those 14 players, 11 players where offered contracts to play in Europe. 10 of those players accepted those offers to play the 2019/20 season in Europe. Below is a list of the players offered contracts. Note that players were offered contracts in 5 different European countries.

  1. Caroline Dupont: Balatonfüred, Hungary
  2. Jenn Kay Vander Meer: Balatonfüred, Hungary
  3. Jacquelyn Oestreich: Prerov, Czech Republic
  4. Monica Mack: Balatonfüred, Hungary
  5. Meg Wolowicz: Selmy Brno, Czech Republic
  6. Emily Burke: Aias Evosmou, Greece
  7. Kelsey Collasius: Oythe, Germany
  8. Paulina Modestow: Oythe, Germany
  9. Kamalani Akeo: Selmy Brno, Czech Republic
  10. Isabel Kovacic: Vilsbiburg II, Germany
  11.  Lyndie Haddock: offer to play in Stuttgart, Germany (Champions League) Turned down the offer

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