13th Annual Binh Dien Cup, Vietnam

The 13th Annual Binh Dien Cup will be played in the Kiên Giang Province, Vietnam from May 11-19, 2019. The competition will be comprised of top professional teams from Asia as well as one team from the United States. The tournament will be played in the capital of the Kiên Giang Province, Rạch Giá. The city is located 250 km from Ho Chi Minh City and right along the coast of Vietnam. The Mekong River Delta is also about 80km from the capital.

In 2018, Team Bring It Promotions finished in second place, falling in a close match to Jiangsu in the finals. Jiangsu placed 3rd in the Chinese Volleyball League. To learn more about last year’s tournament results or player travel experiences, you can read the 2018 players blog

Tentative Itinerary 

  • May 7/8 Arrive to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam (SGN)
  • May 9: Bus to Rạch Giá, Training
  • May 10: Training & Opening Ceremonies
  • May 11-19: Tournament Competition Dates*
  • May 20: Departure Day (from SGN)
  • *Sightseeing dates TBD based on competition schedule

Sign up to Play

We’re looking for current professional players and top collegiate players to bring a competitive team to this year’s tournament. We’re playing solid pro teams, so like last year, need a strong team. Interested players should immediately email Tim Kelly (bringitusa@aol.com).