Mindset Modules

The Headstrong™ Mindset Training Program consists of 6 Modules.

photo credit paul skorupskas

01 Concentration

1. Be aware of when you lose focus and redirect your attention.
2. Create a focus cue.
3. Eye sequencing, a powerful concentration tool on the court.

photo credit sydney rae

02 Confidence

1. Let go of mistakes immediately. 
2. Negative thought replacement. 
3. Approach competition with clear tactical plans.
4. Train harder than anyone. 

03 Growth Mindset

1. Adopt a growth mindset.
2. Change your court vocabulary.
3. Always compete. 

photo credit by vince fleming

04 The Zone

1. Establish a dedicated pre-game routine. 
2. Practice mindfulness.
3. Create your own visualization script. 
4. Get out of your head and into your body.

05 Teamwork

1. Shift your world view from scarcity to abundance.
2. Make a pledge to not gossip about teammates.
3. Develop systems of communication.
4. Create a culture of belonging.
5. Dismantle implicit bias.

06 Self-Care

1. Yoga as a training tool.
2. Rest, the unexpected key to resilience.
3. Embrace body positivity.
4. Find balance.

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