See what volleyball coaches and players are saying about Headstrong.

Both the experienced and the novice will improve their performance by reading Brooke Rundle’s guide to concentration and confidence building. All those who have been closely associated with the sport of volleyball will recognize that her techniques will help you improve on the court and in life.


Al Scates

Coached the UCLA mens volleyball team to 19 NCAA titles

This book is not just another tool for coaches, rather it is an entire tool box to inspire growth in our athletes, provide a more positive experience and become better coaches. Brooke’s unique and diverse experiences provide keen insight into how we can help our athletes become mentally strong in volleyball and beyond.


Jeff Meeker

Head Women’s Volleyball Coach Cornell College

Rundle gave a presentation on the Headstrong principles and strategies at CSU’s team camp in 2015. Our coaches found the Headstrong techniques to declutter the mind, build confidence and prioritize improvement over accomplishment extremely helpful and practical for players and coaches alike.  The guide offers actionable tips for practice and a game plan to help volleyball players improve their mental game.  I highly recommend grabbing a copy of this book and booking her for a speaking engagement at your camp or club.


Brook Coulter

Associate Head Coach Colorado State University 2012-2015

Headstrong- is my new favorite volleyball book. Not only should every athlete read it but every coach as well. The book dives into simple techniques to enhance your mental toughness. As a coach, I have changed how I talk with athletes and positively motivate them.  Brooke does a great job of sharing the struggles and triumphs of the volleyball greats. This book has volleyball history and toughness all rolled into one.


Leslie Flores-Cloud

Head Women’s Volleyball Coach Eastern Washington University

I feel so fortunate that our team had the opportunity to work with Brooke during our “virtual” spring season. Headstrong 2.0 and the team workbook proved to be hugely beneficial for our athletes and our team as a whole. Through the six modules and team sessions our athletes learned simple, yet powerful volleyball-specific strategies to grow their mental game in practice and competition. On top of that, the athletes’ relationships became infinitely stronger after they learned more about each other and worked together through each module and team session. I feel like the team made leaps and bounds forward together, even more so than if we would have had a “normal” spring season. The Headstrong sessions exceeded all of our expectations and we are very grateful for the experience!


Rachelle Sherden

Head Women’s Volleyball Coach Gustavus Adolphus College

In this day in age – a social media selfie obsessed world – it has become extremely difficult for coaches to create a team culture that thrives on the “we,” not the “me” mentality.  Brooke Rundle captures that essence in her book Headstrong.  My favorite module, module 5 – Teamwork lays it all out there on the table for teams to address with each other. It takes a bold leader to truly address gossip, and Headstrong gives coaches and players the tools to face it in a safe and productive way.  Additionally, the section on implicit bias is the first time I have ever seen that topic addressed specific to volleyball.  Headstrong gives us tangible examples, real life situations, and is a fantastic how – to guide to help coaches and teams navigate a relevant complex concept.


Jen Jacobs

Head Volleyball Coach Augustana University and Diversity & Inclusion Speaker
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