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Bring it Promotions (BIP) is a full service volleyball travel agency with partners and staff across the globe. We offer indoor and beach volleyball tours for teams of all levels and ages. Each of our tours combine competitive volleyball with sightseeing, unique cultural activities and travel to beautiful cities.

If it’s Division I level competition and beautiful historic cities you’re seeking, we’ll highlight popular itineraries against top club teams throughout Europe. If it’s a truly unique culture exchange with games against junior national teams at world class training facilities, then we’ll guide you through China. And if your team’s priority is a team-building and community service, then we’ve got you covered in Costa Rica.

We have coordinated collegiate conference all-star, Regional HP and College National Team (CNT) tours, as well as junior volleyball tours for high school and club teams. We’re now offering tours to more regions of the world than ever before. Download The Ultimate Guide to International Volleyball today.

Since 1996 we've been committed to serving our clients around the world.

  • We work with teams of all levels from high school and club teams to D1, D2 and D3 college teams.
  • You choose the destination and all leave the detail planning to us. We'll organize the volleyball matches, in-country transportation, sightseeing, hotels and team meals.
  • An english speaking BIP guide will be with your team throughout the entire duration of the tour.
  • We pride ourselves on the testimonials of players and coaches who have been on tour with us over and over again.

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See What Coaches Have to Say About Their Experience on Tour with BIP

This is the 14th year that USA Volleyball has recognized a trip of this nature organized and managed by Bring It Promotions (BIP). The experience gained by the athletes and coaches simply can not be obtained through domestic play. The USAV/BIP partnership has worked well in that USA recommends coaches and athletes for invitation and Bring It provides post-trip reports on everyone on the trip.

Tom Pingel
Tom Pingel USA Volleyball

Traveling to Europe is an amazing opportunity for our student-athletes. BIP provides a unique way to educate our athletes while playing high level volleyball around the world; a first class operation.

Jerritt Elliott
Jerritt Elliott University of Texas Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

The Princeton Men’s Volleyball team had never been on an international tour, so to go with BringItUsa to Nicaragua for our first one set the bar extremely high for future tours! The tour could not have been more perfect. It was the exact right balance between competition, community service, and relaxation/team bonding time. BIP is so connected to the local community, it is so effortless for them to integrate teams into the local culture. The guys loved working with the local schools and teaching volleyball to local kids. Playing in the outdoor stadium with music blaring is an experience the guys will not soon forget. BIP is a top notch organization and really the only company that can offer this kind of experience. Our women’s team will head to Nicaragua for the same great experience this coming Winter. We can’t wait to tour again with BIP in 2018. One thing is certain – PrincetonVolley will always tour with BIP!

Sam Shweisky
Sam Shweisky Princeton University Head Mens Volleyball Coach

Our trip to Nicaragua was life changing for our athletes and coaches.  Although the many fun activities (zip line, surfing, playing volleyball, shopping) were wonderful, our time with the children of Nicaragua will stay with us forever.  We feel blessed to have had this wonderful experience.  Brooke did such an amazing job of making the trip so easy as she had every detail taken care of so we could just take the experience in. I highly recommend this trip to high school and college teams looking for something more than just a vacation, but something impactful.

Kirsten Bernthal Booth
Kirsten Bernthal Booth Creighton University Athletics Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

Highest possible rating by A5 and our staff for Bring it USA and Brooke Rundle for their leadership and stewardship of our athletes and group on our recent Brazil trip. From our amazing Samba experience, to the beaches of Rio to staying and playing at the Brazilian National Volleyball Training Center our experience on this trip changed our lives forever. Attention to detail, knowledge of the possibilities and a stellar tone and approach to the trip was of the highest order. A5 is honored and humbled to have had this opportunity through Bring it USA. We will be back. Our trust and belief in what Bring it USA is doing and actually did for our athletes and staff ensures our continued participation in future events of this nature. We can’t wait.

Bob Westbrook
Bob Westbrook A5 Volleyball Club

Impossible to beat the opportunity that Bring It provides,  No US Volleyball tour company understands the international volleyball scene better.  They understand the level of the collegiate teams that are traveling and the teams they are playing.  They can provide the experience you are looking for and more than you could imagine.  We have been ecstatic with our experiences with them.

Kevin Hambly
Kevin Hambly University of Illinois Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

I felt our team trip to Nicaragua had an ideal balance of time with kids at the schools, on court volleyball, free time, and fun activities for our players. Playing the Nicaragua team, when they had all their players and were at full strength was a good challenge for our team in terms of level of play.

Shelton Collier
Shelton Collier Wingate University Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

The Pac-12 All-Star competition in China has been a good cultural experience and a great international opportunity for the students participating in this event each year. Besides having the opportunity to experience international Volleyball competition, the players get a first hand look at what is happening in China today.  It has been a real “eye opener” and allows our students to have a better understanding of other parts of the world.  And, one of the interesting things that has come from the experience are the relationships that have developed between the Pac-12 players themselves.

Mick Haley
Mick Haley University of Southern California (USC) Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

Michigan Volleyball has gone on three different foreign tours with Bring It Promotions and each time has been an experience our student-athletes will treasure for a lifetime.  Tim and his staff do a wonderful job of taking care of every detail to make the trip special. The mixture of competitive volleyball and cultural experiences will be created with your program goals in mind.  Michigan wouldn’t take a foreign tour without using BIP.

Mark Rosen
Mark Rosen University of Michigan Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

Traveling to Nica was the perfect blend of great competition and community service.  It was by far and away one of the best trips for our entire program and we truly believe it helped us grow as both a team and as individuals. The Nicaragua National Team provided us competitive matches throughout our trip.  Their coaches and players were first class and challenged us both on and off the court to provide the perfect mix of volleyball and diverse interaction.

Melissa Stokes
Melissa Stokes Missouri State University Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

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 Dec 26- Jan 6  TAV  Europe
 Dec 26- Jan 6  New Year’s Bash  Europe
 January 6-16  January Exposure Tour  Europe
 Jan 26-Feb 12  Tianjin Jr Women (China)  USA
 March 14-20  AVA Rox  Nicaragua
 March 19-24  D’Youville University  Nicaragua
 April 7-21  Beijing BIAC Women (China)  USA
 April 10-18  Northern Lights  Italy
 April 14-23  Fusion Volleyball Club  Nicaragua
 April 26-May 2  Coast VBC  Europe
 May 8-15  Duke  Europe
 May 9-20  Butler  Brazil
 May 9-17  UNI  Nicaragua
 May 12-24  Purdue  Europe
 May 12-24  West Virginia  Europe
 May 17-24  Mount Union  Nicaragua
 May 17-31  Colorado State University  Europe
 May 18-30  USC  Europe
 May 19-30  College National Team  Thailand
 May 23-June 3  Pepperdine  Europe
 May 24-June 1  LMU  Nicaragua
 May 27- May 31  Michigan State  Europe
 May 28-June 8  University of Utah  Europe
 May 30-June 10  Sacramento State  China
 June 2-11  Gustavus  Nicaragua
 June 10-21  NC State  Italy
 June 11-24  University of Washington  Europe
 June 17-27  Empire Volleyball Club  Europe
 June 17 -28  Big Ten Conference Tour  Europe
 June 23-July 3  San Jose State  Brazil
 July 6-16  Mountain West Conference  Global Challenge Europe
 July 6-16  College National Team  Global Challenge Europe
 July 21-31  Grand Valley State University  Europe
 July 25-August 4  Minnesota State  Japan
 July 26-August 2  Metro State University  Nicaragua
 July 26-August 5 Majin Youth Boys (China)  USA
 July 31-August 11  Viterbo  Europe
 August 2-9  Davenport  Nicaragua
 August 6-13  Emory  Nicaragua
 August 7-20  Swarthmore College  China
 August 9-18  August Men’s Firesale  Europe
 August 16-25  August Women’s Firesale  Europe
 August 18-28 CNT World University Games  Taiwan
 November 17-26  A5 Volleyball Club  Italy



January 8 -18 January Exposure Tour Europe
March 5-11 Northwest University Nicaragua
March 12-20 Stony Brook University Nicaragua & Panama
March 14-20 AVA Texas Rox Nicaragua
March 19-27 Samohi Boys Nicaragua
March 21-29 Northern Lights Pasqua Italy
March 28-April 4 Club Fusion Peru
March 28-April 6 COAST Europe
March 29-April 6 Long Beach Mizuno Italy
May 6-18 BYU Hong Kong & China
May 8-17 Northern Colorado Europe
May 8-18 Western Michigan Europe
May 9-19 Florida Southern Europe
May 15-26 USF Europe
May 18-30 Louisville Europe
May 18-27 Miami (Ohio) Europe
May 21-28 Bethel University Nicaragua
May 23-June 3 Wittenberg Spain
June 1-17 St Thomas Nicaragua
June 1-11 Marquette Europe
June 3-11 Wildcat Juniors Europe
June 12-24 Oregon State Europe
June 18-July 1 Pac-12 Conference All Star Team China
June 18-July 1 USA CNT China
June 20-27 AAUs International Teams Orlando, Florida
July 6-16 Global Challenge Tour Dates Europe
July 10-14 Global Challenge Competition Croatia
July 11-24 NNJV Europe
August 3-12 St Edwards Nicaragua
August 11-20 Women’s Firesale 2016 Europe
August 13-18 Alfred University Nicaragua
August 16-26 Canyon Crest Europe
August 18-27 Men’s Firesale 2016 Europe
August 24-Sept 6 Stanford Men Europe
November 17-27 A5 Volleyball Club Europe



January 6-9 Mimmo Fusco Tournament;Latina Italy
January 6-16 Millikin College Europe
January 7-17 January Exposure Tour Europe
January 24 – 31 Princeton Women Nicaragua
January 24 – Feb 1 Loras College Nicaragua
March 1 – 8 College of Charleston Nicaragua
March 13-21 AVA Texas Rox Nicaragua
March 21-29 University of Chicago Nicaragua
March 25 – April 1 Club Fusion Nicaragua
March 29 – April 7 Northern Lights Pasqua Trip Italy
May 14-25 USC Sand Europe
May 17-28 University of Hawaii Europe
May 17-24 Augsburg College Nicaragua
May 19-30 University of Kansas Europe
May 19-29 Baylor University Italy
May 26 – June 3 UMKC Europe
June 1-11 University of the Pacific Europe
June 3-13 North Dakota State Nicaragua
June 13-26 USA CNT & BIP/USA Development Team China
June 13-25 Big 10 Conference All Star Team Europe
June 28 – July 14 USA CNT  World University Games Gwangju, Korea
July 4-18 USA JNT European Tour (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia) Europe
July 12-17 Global Challenge Tournament Dates Pula, Croatia
July 8-18 Mountain West Conference All Star Team Europe
July 30 – August  8 West Florida Europe
August  2-11 Europe University of Alaska Anchorage Europe
August 10-25 Jiangsu (China) Europe
August 12-21 Women’s Exposure Tour Maribor, Slovenia
August 18-26 Notre Dame de Namur Nicaragua
August 19-28 August Men’s Exposure Tour Marobor, Slovenia
August 27 – Sept. 7 Bayi (China) USA
September 18 – 25 Shanghai (Women, China) USA
Sept 26 – Oct. 7 Shanghai (Men, China) USA
Sept 28 – Oct. 3 UCI Men’s International Tournament USA


Jan 2- 5 Mimmo Fusco Tournament Italy/Europe
Jan 5-15 NYU Men Spain/Europe
Jan 5-15 January Exposure Tour Women Europe
Mar 27 – Apr 3 Premier Academy Nicaragua
Apr 12 – 20 Club Fusion Italy/Europe
Apr 14-22 Northern Lights Italy/Europe
Apr 16– Apr 23 Long Beach Mizuno Europe
May 14 – June Chinese Junior National Team Slovenia
May 11 – May 23 BYU Men Europe
May 13 – May 23 Cornell College Europe
May 14 – May 25 North Carolina Turkey & Italy
May 15– May 22 Creighton Nicaragua
May 15– May 25 University of Tampa Europe
May 16 – May 27 University of Wyoming Europe
May 20 – May 29 Mount Union Europe
May 21– June 1 University of Arkansas Europe
May 21 – June 4 University of Kentucky China
May 22 – June 1 Creighton University Nicaragua
May 23 – June 2 Iowa State Europe
May 23– June 2 University of Oklahoma Europe
May 25 – June 7 CAL Europe
May 26 – June 6 University of Mississippi Europe
May 26 – June 5 TCU Italy/Europe
May 27 – June 6 Regis Europe
June 9 – June 17 Gustavus Adolphus College Nicaragua
June 13 – June 24 PAC–12 Conference All Star Team China
June 13 – June 27 USA CNT China
June 14 – June 21 AAU International Division Orlando/USA
June 17 – June 26 COAST Europe
July 7 – July 19 Northern Lights Europe
July 8 – July 19 Mountain West Conference All Star Europe
July 9 – Juy 19 USA CNT Europe
July 9 – July 19 BIP / USA Development Team Europe
July 13 – July 18 Global Challenge Croatia/Europe
August 5 – August 13 Gannon University Nicaragua
August 8 – August 17 Women’s August Firesale Slovenia/Europe
August 12 – August 21 Men’s August Firesale Slovenia/Europe
August 16 – August 26 BYU Women’s Basketball Europe
August 16 – August 26 Beijing Men’s volleyball team Europe
Octtober 15– October 30 Zheijiang (China) to USA USA
October 25 – November 1 Princeton Men Nicaragua
Dec 26, 2012 – Jan 6, 2013 9th Annual New Years Bash Europe
January 6 – January 16 January Euro-Exposure Tour (JEET ’13) Europe
March 2 – March 10 Ohio University Europe
March 4 – March 8 Walsh University Europe
Mar 25 – April 1 Club Fusion 18s Nicaragua
March 25 – April 2 Northern Lights U18 (4 teams) Europe
May 5 – May 15 Penn State University Europe
May 6 – May 14 Duke University Europe
May 13 – May 24 Purdue University Europe
May 13 – May 23 Northern Iowa Europe
May 17 – May 28 University of Georgia Europe
May 17 – May 26 Missouri State Nicaragua
May 20 – May 29 Metro State Europe
May 20 – May 30 Notre Dame University Europe
May 22 – May 31 Wisconsin Eau-Claire Europe
May 22 – June 3 University of Texas (NCAA Champion) Europe
May 25 – June 5 Wittenberg University Europe
May 25 – June 2 University of Illinois Europe
May 25 – June 4 LSU Europe
May 28 – June 8 Minnesota State Europe
May 28 – June 4 St. Thomas University Nicaragua
June 1 – June 12 University of Michigan Brazil
June 10 – June 20 German Federation HP u16 USA
June 10– June 22 Northern Nevada Juniors Europe
June 15 – June 23 Northwestern University Europe
June 15 – June 25 Portland State University Europe
June 17 – June 28 University of Washington Europe
July 8– July 20 Northern Lights u16 Europe
July 10 – July 20 Global Challenge Team Tours (TBA) Europe
July 14 – July19 Global Challenge Competition Dates 2013 Europe
August 9 – August 16 Wingate University Nicaragua
August 9 – August 18 August Women’s Firesale Camp Europe
August 13 – August 22 August Men’s Firesale Tour Europe
August 29 – September 12 Dabrowa (Poland) Champions League Team USA
2012 Kansas University Europe
2012 Florida Southern Europe
2012 BYU Brazil & Argentina
2012 Northern Colorado Nicaragua
2012 Georgia Tech Europe
2012 Miami (Ohio) Europe
2012 New Mexico State Europe
2012 Colorado State Italy
2012 San Francisco Europe
2012 USC Europe
2012 New Mexico Europe
2012 Rollins College Europe
2012 Stanford Men Europe
2012 January Women’s Exposure Tour Europe
2012 August Women’s Firesale Tour Europe
2012 August Men’s Firesale Tour Europe
2012 CAVE Italy Italy
2012 New Years Bash Italy
2012 Northern Lights Italy Europe
2012 Mizuno Long Beach Europe Europe
2012 Club Fusion Europe Europe
2012 Northern Lights Europe Europe
2012 Ravens Volleyball Club Europe Europe
2011 Wenatchee JC Nicaragua
2011 Cornell College Nicaragua
2011 Belmont Abbey College Nicaragua
2011 12th Annual January Exposure Tour Europe
2011 August Firesale Camp (Men) Europe
2011 August Firesale Camp (Women) Europe
2011 New Years Bash VII Europe
2011 7th Annual Global Challenge Europe
2011 Northern Lights u18, Easter Italy
2011 Northern Lights u16 Europe
2011 Israel Women’s National Team Texas
2011 Nova KBM Maribor (Slovenia) USA
2010 University of Kentucky Europe
2010 Indiana University Europe
2010 University of Cincinnati Brazil
2010 University of Tampa Europe
2010 Wittenberg University Europe
2010 Wisconsin Eau-Claire Nicaragua
2010 Berry College Nicaragua
2010 Gannon University Nicaragua
2010 Alma College Nicaragua
2010 Cornell College Europe
2010 11th Annual January Exposure Tour Europe
2010 August Firesale Camp (Women) Europe
2010 August Firesale Camp (Men) Europe
2010 6th Annual Global Challenge Europe
2010 6th Annual New Years Bash Europe
2010 Northern Lights 18-1 & 18-2 Italy
2010 Long Beach Mizuno Europe
2010 Capital Volleyball Club Europe
2010 Northern Lights 16-1 Europe
2010 Club Fusion Nicaragua
2010 Boys Global Challenge Europe
2010 BIP Volleyball Mission Barbados
2010 Bavarian HP Regional Team USA – CA-State Finals