ll PayPal payments for TOURS will have a 3% charge. You will have to add this 3% to the cost of your TOUR.

Example: If you are going on a tour that costs $1600, you will need to make your PayPal payment for $1648. Our preferred method of payment is a Money Order or Cashiers Check mailed to our Santa Barbara business address. We will accept personal checks as well, but please get them in early so that we have time to clear them. Make sure your NAME and TOUR are included on a note with your payment!

There is no charge for clients paying their annual Player Commission by PayPal or for players paying their Video Submission Fees by PayPal. This 3% Fee is only for TOUR PAYMENTS.

Note on PayPal use. Due to security issues, PayPal often doesn’t work well on older systems and certain operating systems. We have had several complaints from clients of the system “Timing Out” but when these clients trying a second or third time, the problem is usually solved. If not, you simply need to try PayPal on a different system or try back a few hours later. We regret any hassles that this causes, but generally people have had a good experience with paying by PayPal. Click below to visit our PayPal payments page: