Volleyball Information

Position: Zone 3

Height: 178


Hand: Right


National Team: Yes

Last College:

Personal Information

Year of Birth: 1994

Place of Birth:



Nationality: Sweden

Civil Status:


More Info

*Swedish National Team Player

2020-21: Kuusamo, Finland (CEV Cup)

Highlights https://vimeo.com/503057546

vs. LP Viesti   https://vimeo.com/504305837

2019-20: Kuusamo, Finland (CEV Cup; finished FIN regular season in 1st Place)

Highlights https://vimeo.com/395787264

vs. Pislaploki  https://vimeo.com/404189462
Stats: lml-web.dataproject.com/MatchStatistics.aspx?mID=2078&ID=57&CID=87&PID=58&type=LegList

Vs.WoVo Rovaniemi: https://vimeo.com/388292459

Stats: http://lml-web.dataproject.com/MatchStatistics.aspx?mID=2028&ID=57&CID=87&PID=58&type=LegList

Vs. Puijo Wolley https://vimeo.com/388305481

Stats  http://lml-web.dataproject.com/MatchStatistics.aspx?mID=2061&ID=57&CID=87&PID=58&type=LegList

2018-19: Kuusamo, Finland (CEV Cup, Bronze medal in FIN league)

2017-18: Terville, France (DEF league)

2016-17: Hylte/Halmstad, Sweden (Team Captain. Grand Prix / League Final — 2nd place.)

Playing Experience:

5 seasons in elitserien, Sweden. 2013 – present Hylte/Halmstad Volley

2016/2017- SM-Silver, Middle in the leagues dream team.

2015/2016- SM-Bronze, Middle in the leagues dream team.

2014/2015- SM-Silver

2013/2014- SM-Gold, Rookie of the year.

Highschool: National Sports Gymnasium (RIG)


Wasserfaller, Jonna

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