Bring It Promotions (BIP) strives to develop the sport of volleyball across the globe.  We’ve got BIP staff, players and tour guides living in almost every country in Europe and several other partners throughout Latin America and Asia.  But the connections don’t end there.  Over the last 20 years we’ve developed close personally relationships with professional club, national and junior national team programs world wide.  The depth of our volleyball contact list is evidenced by the number of international volleyball delegations that have toured with us throughout the United States. These clubs engage BIP to organize tournaments and international competition for them against teams outside of their own country.
BIP doesn’t just bring North American teams overseas, we lead professional club, youth and junior national team programs from countries around the world to compete against club and college teams in the States.  If your club or university team would like to host or compete against top international teams then contact us today.  To learn about foreign teams that have toured the United States with Bring It Promotions in the past, check out the impressive list of past tour journals below.


  • Zheijiang (CHINA), 2014
  • AAU International Division, Orlando, 2014
  • Dabrowa (POLAND) Champion League Team, USA, 2013
  • German Federation HP u16, 2013
  • Israel Women’s National Team, Texas, 2011
  • Nova KBM Maribor, Slovenia to USA, 2011
  • Bavarian (Germany) HP Regional Team to CA-State Finals, 2010
  • Italy YNT/JNT to USA, September 2009
  • KP Brno, Czech to California, June 2008
  • OK Pula to California, 2008
  • New Zealand Women’s YNT to USA, 2007
  • Slovenian Youth Team to California State Finals, 2007
  • Mislinja Juniors (Slovenia) to Jacksonville, Florida, June 2007
  • Slovenian, Chinese, & Russian Teams to USA, Global Challenge – July 2005
  • Mislinja Juniors (Slovenia) to USA – April 2005
  • RC Villebon, France to Khabarovsk, Russia – September 2004
  • La Rochette, France to Khabarovsk, Russia – September 2003
  • Olymp Praha (Czech) to USA – September 2002