The Casa Llanta Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating social and economic injustice in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. Our mission is to empower marginalized communities by providing access to sports, education, employment. 

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  • Textbooks for Escuela Adelanate

    The Casa Llanta Fund provides textbooks for the students attending Escuela Adelante in San Juan del Sur. This school is dedicated to honoring the unique needs of students of all ages – whether it means preparing for a successful career as an entrepreneur or preparing for a university degree.  Supplying books for the students in this program is critical to the success of the students.

  • Manos Unidas Cooperative

    Manos Unidas is a co-op of adults with mental disabilities who make and sell reusable grocery bags.  The co-op, supported by the Casa Llanta Fund, provides jobs and education to people with mental and physical disabilities in San Juan del Sur. All earnings from product sales go towards the payment of fair wages for the co-op participants.

  • University Student Scholarships

    With the proceeds from the Pitaya Festival, the Casa Llanta Fund established a program called Becas del Carizal in 2012.  “Becas,” or scholarships, are provided to any aspiring child or young adult in El Carizal who wishes to continue education but is unable to afford it. We currently have 6 students receiving university scholarships. 

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