BULLETIN I. June 11, 2017

Team Information

1) Rosters need to be emailed to solomoncory8@gmail.com by July 1, 2017. Please use the attached Roster form.

2) Uniforms: You will need one set of light uniforms and one set of dark uniforms. Remember that numbers cannot be higher than 18.

3) A rooming list needs to be turned in no later than June 26, 2017. One week before the start of the tournament I will give you specific details on the rooming list. Please email them to solomoncory8@gmail.com.

4) Exchange gifts: Please bring something for net exchanges with each team. Please have all your players bring tee-shirts for exchanges.

5) Tournament Information: One week prior to your departure I will provide you with all the necessary information for the tournament. Exact details will not be worked out until that time. At the moment the following teams are  to coming to the Global Challenge:

Brijuni Division U22 

International Teams  

  • Nova KBM Branik Juniors, Slovenia
  • BFTM-Falconara Juniors, Italy
  • Iran Federation
  • Israel Federation 
  • Slovenia Federation
  • Czech Republic Federation

 USA Teams

  • Mountain West Conference All Star team
  • USA Volleyball College National Team
  • Team BIP West Coast
  • Team BIP Mid West
  • Team BIP South East
  • Team BIP East Coast

Istra Division U17

International Teams

  • Ok  Pula, Youth, Croatia
  • NKBM Branik, Maribor, Slovenia Team
  • Selezione Modena, Italy Juniors
  • Czech Republic Federation
  • Croatia Federation

USA Teams  

  • BIP Southeastern Team
  • Team West Side
  • Team BIP Midwest
  • Team USANY

6)    The Technical meeting will be held the Hotel Pula on July 10th at 6:30 pm

7)    Tournament results will be updated each night along with journal entries on the Bring It USA site at http://bringitusa.com/gc2017/results/

8)     Opening Ceremonies: The ceremonies will be held in the town square of Pula on the evening of July 10, 2016 at 9 pm.  It will be hot, so all we ask is that teams have on matching shirts. It is fine to wear shorts. We ask that each team bring a flag from their country.

9)     Plan to arrive at the Hotel Pula before 3 pm if possible. All teams start with lunch on the 10th and end with breakfast on the 15th.

10)  Again, exact details for the tournament will come one week before the tournament.

11)  Social Media sites:

 Facebook: www.facebook.com/bringitusaglobalchallenge/

Instagram: european_global_challenge

Twitter: www.twitter.com/12thGC

13)  Global Challenge History/Mission: The Global Challenge is based around the following principals.  

  • The Global Challenge is first and formost a development tournament. Everything is designed around the development of athletes.
  • The Global Challenge is designed to match up teams from North America with teams from Europe.
  • The Global Challenge is a cross between a formal FIVB tournament and a friendly match concept.
  • The Global Challenge is designed to give USA players exposure to FIVB rules. (NCAA and College rules are different)