General Principle: The matches in the European Global Challenge are played according to the Rules of the game of FIVB 2005-15.

Special Rules: Group play will  be 3 sets to 25 points for each match (not 2 out of 3) . Championship rounds will be 3 out of 5 sets in the winners bracket and 2 out of 3 sets in the consolation bracket. In order to facilitate playing time, the U17 tournament will be allowed a total number of 12 substitutions per set with unlimited entries. Note the U23 tournament will follow standard substitution rules of 6 total subs and 1 entry.

Competition system : USA vs. European Challenge (Round One)

The Brijuni Tournament (U23)  will consist of 12 teams. Six (6)  European teams and six (6) USA teams. The Istra Tournament (U17)  will consist of 14 teams. Seven (7) European, seven (7) USA teams.

The USA vs. European Challenge is designed to match up teams from one side of the Atlantic with teams from the other side of the Atlantic. Each team in both divisions will play three randomly selected opponents in the USA vs. European Challenge.  All matches will be played 3 sets to 25 points. (not best 2 of 3 sets)

Challenge Matches and Championship Tournament: (Round two)

Brijuni Division: (u23) The top 2 USA  teams and the top 2 European teams in the Brijuni (u23) division will automatically qualify for the 8 team Championships Tournament. The remaining 8 teams will play USA vs. European Challenge Matches to determine the final 4 spots in the 8 team Championship Tournament. The four teams not in the Championship Tournament will play a round robin tournament to determine positions 9-12. These teams will be re-seeded after the Challenge Matches.

Istra Division: (u17)  The top USA and European team will automatically qualify for the 8 team Championship tournament. The remaining 12 teams play USA vs. European Challenge matches to determine the final 6 teams in the Championship tournament. The six teams teams not in the Championship bracket will play a six team tournament to determine positions 9-14. They will be re-seeded 1 – 6 after the Challenge matches.

All teams are guaranteed six total matches in the tournament.

Official Ratification of Matches

Seeding in the Brijuni and Istra Divisions: (round one) Each set won counts as one point. There are a possible of 9 total points for each team in round one. If after 9 total sets two or more teams are tied with the same number of points, the ratio of points scored to points against will determine the highest seed.

The Championship Tournament is played best 3 of 5 in the winners bracket. The Consolation bracket is best 2 of 3 sets with the 3rd set to 15 points if needed.


Pool play matches and the Consolation Tournament in the Championship Tournament will have one up official and one scorekeeper. All Championship Matches will have one up official, one down official and one scorekeeper. The Championship Final Match in both divisions will also have line judges.