In August of 2016, while the Olympics were running in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, a different stage for athletic ability was on display in Maribor, Slovenia. 33 women and 9 men volleyball players came to DRAS center in hopes of getting a contract to play with an international professional volleyball team. Below are the results of the firesale tour as of November 1, 2016.


  1. Kenya Alexander in Kula-Gradačac in Bosina
  2. Rachel Gallup, Kula-Gradačac in Bosina
  3. Kinsey Minter Kula-Gradačac in Bosina
  4. Kara Seindenstricker to play for Nawaro Straubing in Germany
  5. Paige Penrod to play for Nawaro Straubing in Germany
  6. Jordan Drezet to play for Nawaro Straubing in Germany
  7. Julia Doyle to Svedala Volley in Sweden
  8. Vicky Savard ASKO Linz/Steg in Austria
  9. Erica Stahl to Murcia, Spain
  10. Amber Mirabello in Durham, England
  11. Laura Schaudt to play for Cignal in Manila, Philippines
  12. Shawna Santos to play for Cignal in Manila, Philippines
  13. Jen Hardman in Gerlafingen, Switzerland
  14. Jessica Keller in Volley Angels, Italy Serie C
  15. Jennie Loerch in Ness Ziona,Israel


  1. Jen Hardman, Julia O’Brien and Isabel Kuhel to SG VBV Trofaiach/wsv Eisenerz, Graz, Austria
  2. Isabel Kuhel, Murcia, Spain
  3. Haley Hampton, Pallavolo Spongano Serie C in Italy

Coaches who were at the DRAS:

Ivan Petkov, VC Maritza Plovdiv in Bulgaria

Florian Stangi from Linz, Austria

Andres Urman Straubing, Germany

Olaf Mitter from Graz, Austria

Jorgen Larsson, Svedala Volley in Sweden

Robert Perlov from Ness Ziona Volleyball in Israel

Yusuf Nahum, Turkish BIP partner

2016 Exposure Tour Journal

When packing for a trip to Europe, your average person packs 3 types of shoes: dress shoes, sandals and good walking shoes. For anyone coming to the August or January Firesale Tours, the number goes up to 4… their best Volleyball Shoes.

Packing is one of the many concerns that people have when coming on the tour. The biggest concern of all, can I earn a roster spot for a team in another country? Some players are coming off of 4 years of all expenses paid, college scholarships. Some players went to D2 or D3 colleges. Regardless of playing background, every single player comes with dreams of having their love of the game take them on a new adventure; Living, playing and making memories abroad.  

As you ask yourself why am I going on the Firesale Tour, the primary motivation of WHY you are coming on the Firesale tour should be that you want to LIVE in Europe and that you can use your skills in volleyball to stamp that ticket. The level of volleyball should not be the main concern when you come on the tour. You should want to live like a local, make friends with your teammates and experience different cities as often as you can while earning a salary as a professional volleyball player.

For more information be sure to the FAQ’s about Exposure Tours.

Also, check out this blog about what it is like to get picked up for a team. I can’t explain it any better! It addresses everything an American living in Europe could go through.