The 2018 January Tour started in Maribor, Slovenia in a hotel and training center on the bottom of a World Cup ski mountain, and made its way through Italy to end in Milan 10 nights later. This tour has proved year after year to be the best way to find a team in Europe for the 2nd half of the season – January to March/April/May – or for the following FIVB Season. In 2018 14 players attended the 19th annual European January Exposure Tour. From the 14 players that attended the tour, 7 players were offered contracts in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Greece and Peru. An additional two players were sent on tryouts and not offered contracts from the tour.

2018 January Exposure tour Itinerary

  • January 5: Leave the USA for Europe (GRZ, LJU, ZAG, VIE, etc.; See info on arrival to Maribor, Slovenia below)
  • January 6: Arrive and get to the DRAS Center in Maribor on your own (7pm Practice)
  • January 6-9: Maribor, Slovenia
  • January 9-11: Graz and/or Linz, Austria
  • January 11-13: Salzburg and/Innsbruck, Austria
  • January 13-14: Trento and/or Verona, Italy
  • January 14-16: Milan, Italy
  • January 16: Depart from Milan, Italy (MXP or LIN), Return Home to USA the Same Day