Placed off the January Tour for remainder of 2019-20 season:

  • Brie Lewis (OPP/OH, Belmont University ’18, USA) – SCU Emlichheim, Germany
  • Rachel Anderson (OPP/OH) Western Kentucky University ’18, USA)- Salzburg, Austria
  • Raquel Kulak (MB, Flagler, ’19) – Amazonas, Puerto Rico

Offer off the January Exposure Tour 2020:

  • Marissa Grant (Setter, Central Michigan University ’18, USA)- DVTK Miskolc, Hungary

Offer and tryout for August 2020/2021 season:

  • Janelle Jenkins (OPP/OH, University of Louisville, USA) Prinz, Austria


January 4, 5, 6: Dras Center – Maribor, Slovenia (Trainings with Ziga Kos and matches)
January 6 & 7: Matches vs. Salzburg, Austria
January 8: Matches vs. TI Innsbruck, Austria
January 9 & 10: Matches vs. VC Tirol in Innsbruck Austria
January 11 & 12: Match vs. Toggenburg in Wattwil Switzerland


Raquel Kulak 190 Yes Middle Blocker 1996 USA Flagler College ’18
Maurissa Leonard 162 Yes Libero 1997 USA University of Toledo ’18
Amanda Chamberlain 190 Yes Middle Blocker 1996 USA University of North Texas ’18
Jessi Batholomew 185 No OH/OPP 1996 USA Duke University
Janelle Jenkins 179 No (Offer & Tryout for 20/21 in AUT) OH/OPP 1994 USA University of Louisville
Rachel Anderson 187 Yes (signed in Salzburg, AUT) Middle/OPP 1996 USA Western Kentucky University ’18
Jenna Phillips 162 Yes Libero 1998 USA Viterbo University
Ehize Omoghibo 177 No OPP/OH 1997 USA University of New Orleans
Marissa Grant 180 Yes / Offer in Hungary Setter 1997 USA Central Michigan University ’18
Brie Lewis 177 Yes / Signed in Germany OPP/OH 1995 USA Belmont University ’18
Aleese Wheaton 172 No Setter 1997 USA Cal State San Marcos

As an athlete who has already starting her adult life, joining the Bring it USA tour was an amazing experience to get a taste of playing overseas with other players and coaches you’ve never met. I’m so thankful these players realized we had to support each other if we wanted to succeed on this tour, no one was selfish during the process. Getting back into the grind and following my purpose felt so natural that I knew I needed to be here. Maneuvering around this country was scary at first but I just had to act like I’ve been here before and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  When I got asked on a tryout I was flattered! My first thought was, “omg they want me?!!” Leaving the group and taking two trains to get into a city I’ve never heard of or been to was the most adventurous trip I’ve ever been on. I knew not everyone would have this opportunity and I couldn’t wait to share my experiences with others so they too can be encouraged. Being professional in a workplace is engraved in me and having a lot courage is a must because you are making a huge life decision. The staff was very supportive as well and as they got to know us, they were able to make things happen because we worked hard, showed respect, and truly enjoyed the process.

Janelle Jenkins

JEET20 was an incredible experience and my favorite trip I’ve ever been on. The staff we were with truly helped us experience how Europeans live, use transportation, eat, and culture norms. They gave us confidence and support not only in volleyball, but that we can feel like we could independently live in Europe. The sites we saw were gorgeous and the people I got to see them with were even better, it felt like family. Cory, Nick, and Erienne were the best tour guides we could ask for because they were so knowledgeable, fun, and supportive. It was clear they truly wanted to get to know you to better help place you with a team that would best fit. I would 10/10 recommend this tour, especially the tour guides!

Jenna Phillips

My experience with BIP for the JEET’20 is something I will always remember and be thankful for. Not only did I get to travel in Europe, meet some amazing women who all share the same love of volleyball as me all becoming our own little family, but I began my first season in Salzburg Austria as a OPP/MB. Only being here for a week now, I am quickly adapting (except for the language), I have awesome teammates and new friendships that I’m building while living in such an amazing country! The coolest part were the memories I made and the ones I will make while I get to chase my dream to play pro volleyball!

Rachel Anderson

Being on the January European Exposure Tour was the trip of a lifetime for me! While on tour, I travelled out of the country for the first time in my life, I got to experience what it was like to play high level volleyball overseas and immerse myself in the culture as well as build friendships with girls from all across the country. I always dreamed of playing overseas and the JEET tour gave me a taste of that dream and has helped me pursue it even further and I couldn’t recommend it more to players aspiring to do the same thing! I look forward to going back!