Tom Pingel, USA Volleyball (2013)

This is the 14th year that USA Volleyball has recognized a trip of this nature organized and managed by Bring It Promotions (BIP). The experience gained by the athletes and coaches simply can not be obtained through domestic play. The USAV/BIP partnership has worked well in that USA recommends coaches and athletes for invitation and Bring It provides post-trip reports on everyone on the trip.

Mick Haley, University of Southern California Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

The Pac-12 All-Star competition in China has been a good cultural experience and a great international opportunity for the students participating in this event each year. Besides having the opportunity to experience international Volleyball competition, the players get a first hand look at what is happening in China today.  It has been a real “eye opener” and allows our students to have a better understanding of other parts of the world.  And, one of the interesting things that has come from the experience are the relationships that have developed between the Pac-12 players themselves.

Michael Sealy, UCLA Women’s Volleyball Head Coach

The global challenge provides a great overseas volleyball experience. The level of competition combined with the cultural experience and location make it well worth the trip. I have great memories on and off the court.

Kevin Hambly, Stanford Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

Impossible to beat the opportunity that Bring It provides,  No US Volleyball tour company understands the international volleyball scene better.  They understand the level of the collegiate teams that are traveling and the teams they are playing.  They can provide the experience you are looking for and more than you could imagine.  We have been ecstatic with our experiences with them.

Mark Rosen, University of Michigan Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

Michigan Volleyball has gone on three different foreign tours with Bring It Promotions and each time has been an experience our student-athletes will treasure for a lifetime.  Tim and his staff do a wonderful job of taking care of every detail to make the trip special. The mixture of competitive volleyball and cultural experiences will be created with your program goals in mind.  Michigan wouldn’t take a foreign tour without using BIP.

Craig Skinner, University of Kentucky Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

Our tour to China was a once in a lifetime experience for our players and program.  BIP and Chris Chen provided an incredible two week volleyball concentrated tour that really challenged and matured out returning team.  Being in China was a cultural education on top of playing the game at an extremely high level.  There is no doubt that our team will significantly benefit from this experience.

Jerritt Elliott, University of Texas Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

Traveling to Europe is an amazing opportunity for our student-athletes. BIP provides a unique way to educate our athletes while playing high level volleyball around the world; a first class operation.

Ted Wade, Technical Director, Austin Jr Volleyball – Austin Sports Center

We chose the GC and pre-tour in Maribor because of the low cost in terms of what we received. It would be impossible to organize a European trip ourselves at the cost that BIP charges. Great value for the cost. The GC tournament was a great experience for our players as it provided an opportunity to see/play European style volleyball with a mix of levels that were challenging for my club team.  Many highlights, form playing the Russian and Hungary YNT to the cliff diving in Croatia, day trip to Bled and the last day in Venice. The level of play was mixed, which was good for my team. The Pula and Modena teams we good but provided teams at my team’s level which we could/should win. The Hungary and Russian teams we much better, but we want to play teams that we at a high level also. So combo was good. We didn’t want to come over and get pounded by teams, but we also didn’t want to play teams that we could easily beat. Playing the other USA teams is ok but it was nice that we only played 2. If we would have played 3 or 4  USA teams (of our 7 matches) then that would not have been good.

Shelton Collier, Wingate University Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

I felt our team trip to Nicaragua had an ideal balance of time with kids at the schools, on court volleyball, free time, and fun activities for our players. Playing the Nicaragua team, when they had all their players and were at full strength was a good challenge for our team in terms of level of play.

Melissa Stokes, Missouri State University Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

Traveling to Nica was the perfect blend of great competition and community service.  It was by far and away one of the best trips for our entire program and we truly believe it helped us grow as both a team and as individuals. The Nicaragua National Team provided us competitive matches throughout our trip.  Their coaches and players were first class and challenged us both on and off the court to provide the perfect mix of volleyball and diverse interaction.

Kirsten Bernthal Booth, Creighton University Athletics Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

Our trip to Nicaragua was life changing for our athletes and coaches.  Although the many fun activities (zip line, surfing, playing volleyball, shopping) were wonderful, our time with the children of Nicaragua will stay with us forever.  We feel blessed to have had this wonderful experience.  Brooke did such an amazing job of making the trip so easy as she had every detail taken care of so we could just take the experience in. I highly recommend this trip to high school and college teams looking for something more than just a vacation, but something impactful.

Matthew Darling, Gannon University Head Volleyball Coach

Our team had a great experience in Nicaragua.  We were able to take part in meaningful and substantive service projects; we enjoyed cultural, historical, and “fun” activities throughout the trip; and the competition was exactly what we needed to get ready for our season.  Tim, Brooke, and everyone at BIP are professionals, they are volleyball people, and they live their mission to help others–my players and my staff could not have asked for a better tour.

Sam Shweisky, Princeton University Head Mens Volleyball Coach

The Princeton Men’s Volleyball team had never been on an international tour, so to go with BringItUsa to Nicaragua for our first one set the bar extremely high for future tours! The tour could not have been more perfect. It was the exact right balance between competition, community service, and relaxation/team bonding time. BIP is so connected to the local community, it is so effortless for them to integrate teams into the local culture. The guys loved working with the local schools and teaching volleyball to local kids. Playing in the outdoor stadium with music blaring is an experience the guys will not soon forget. BIP is a top notch organization and really the only company that can offer this kind of experience. Our women’s team will head to Nicaragua for the same great experience this coming Winter. We can’t wait to tour again with BIP in 2018. One thing is certain – PrincetonVolley will always tour with BIP!

Sabrina King, Princeton University Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

Princeton Women’s Volleyball just returned from Nicaragua, and we were blown away by the trip.  We are indebted to Bring It, Brooke and Bastin for making the trip so smooth and enjoyable.  Playing the Nicaraguan National Team was a treat, but the service component really made the trip meaningful and unforgettable.  There was also plenty of time to bond and relax.  I heard one of my players mid-trip say, “Today is the best day of my life…I thought yesterday was, but today is.”

Jenna Ness, Loras College Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

Our trip to Nicaragua was nothing short of amazing.  Our players and coaching staff were able to grow together, learn, and be bonded in a way that they’ll never experience again.  The experience was inspiring but, most of all humbling.  It was a perfect balance of volleyball, fun, and service.  We were able to work with almost 100 locals in Nicaragua, and not only did we hopefully impact their lives, but they for sure made a big impression on our team.  BIP did a fantastic job with organizing our trip and was very attentive to details, so that I did not have to worry about a thing! 

Jason Kepner, College of Charleston Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

Traveling to Nicaragua with BIP over spring break was one of the greatest trips I have taken at CofC.  The trip was so much more than I was expecting.  It was organized, planned perfectly and had a great balance of volleyball, community service, and team building activities.  This is something the entire team including the coaches will remember for a lifetime.  I highly recommend BIP and the trip to Nicaragua.  We definitely plan on doing this tour again down the road.

Jerry Linch, Co-director of Absolute Volleyball Academy of Texas (AVA)

There are absolutely no words to describe this experience!  Brooke Rundle introduced us to the diverse Nicaraguan culture and allowed us to be immersed in one-on-one and group experiences.  There was a perfect balance between team bonding, volleyball and community service.  This experience was life changing for our players, coaches and parents.    Brooke is an absolute joy to work with!  The transportation and accommodations provided were great.  She is so in touch with the community, and allowed us to be part of the many programs in which she is involved.  The highlights of our trip was spending time with the local school children, working with a disabled adults program, and running volleyball clinics.  Our players also enjoyed meeting and playing against the Nicaraguan national and junior national teams.   The Nicaraguan landscape is quite diverse and very beautiful.  There were plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy it.  Each day was so well prepared, and was filled with an incredible amount of activities.  I would highly recommend this tour to any college or club program.   I truly feel it caused our players to reevaluate their priorities, and helped them to gain some insight to their futures.  We will forever remember Brooke and Nicaragua.   #nicawayoflife

 Sharon DingmanHead Coach University of Chicago

Our team trip to Nicaragua provided us with many fun, educational and inspirational experiences. Brooke’s knowledge about and passion for the people of Nicaragua allowed us to immerse ourselves into their culture. The combination of volleyball, service and team time was perfect. I highly recommend this trip – the country and people are beautiful. Your team will be exposed to life lessons and memories not to be missed! Brooke’s attention to detail to meet our team’s needs was exceptional. This is my second trip with BIP and there will be more to come!

Bob Westbrook, A5 Volleyball Club

Highest possible rating by A5 and our staff for Bring it USA and Brooke Rundle for their leadership and stewardship of our athletes and group on our recent Brazil trip. From our amazing Samba experience, to the beaches of Rio to staying and playing at the Brazilian National Volleyball Training Center our experience on this trip changed our lives forever. Attention to detail, knowledge of the possibilities and a stellar tone and approach to the trip was of the highest order. A5 is honored and humbled to have had this opportunity through Bring it USA. We will be back. Our trust and belief in what Bring it USA is doing and actually did for our athletes and staff ensures our continued participation in future events of this nature. We can’t wait.

Steven Bain, Head Volleyball Coach Northwest University

What a privilege it was for Northwest University players and staff to travel to Nicaragua!  From the moment we landed, Brooke Rundle and Bring It Promotions maximized our experience both on and off the court.  The highlight of our trip was collaborating with Brooke to stage the first ever sitting volleyball clinic in Nicaragua.  The clinic not only allowed us to compete alongside disabled Nicaraguans but it demonstrated the power of competitive sport as a means to break down socio-economic barriers and serve others in completely unique cultural settings. It was one of the many life-changing event that none of us will ever forget. The trip absolutely exceeded our expectations in every category; playing the National Team, food and lodging, surf and sun, and serving the wonderful people of Nicaragua!  We can’t wait to go back!

Coley Pawlikowski, Head Women’s Volleyball Coach Stony Brook University

Our programs trip to Nicaragua and Panama over our spring break was truly an incredible experience from start to finish on and off the court.  The balance between volleyball, volunteer opportunities and community engagement, team building,  historical sightseeing and fun was perfect.  The structure of each day was perfectly designed and the opportunities provided to our athletes through this trip were exclusively unique to this tour through BIP.   What Tim and Brooke have established down in Nicaragua not only has changed the lives of entire local communities, it also allows for teams on tour to fold seamlessly into positively contributing to multiple organizations through hands on volunteering with a variety of organizations they have cultivated.  Our athletes were able to impact and build relationships, sharing moments that will last a lifetime with local children and each other.  We were totally submerged in a different culture where language and demographic barriers regularly presented themselves.  Through this tour, you learn to breakdown those barriers, find common ground and give to one another.   While helping locals understand our language, we learned theirs.  We taught and allowed ourselves to be taught, we then could draw that parallel to the court.      

The level of competition was perfect.  Athletes that have not significantly contributed in regular season matches have the opportunity to get game experience against solid competition and being pushed without carrying the pressure of the result against a known or repeating opponent.  We were challenged in each set we played while moving people into various roles. This opportunity provided a platform for personal and team growth that is incomparable.  This is 100% the best thing I have ever done with a team I am a part of both as a player and a coach. 

Gretchen Hunt, Head Coach Women’s Volleyball, Bethel College

If you are looking for an experience that is incredibly meaningful, adventurous fun, and creates better volleyball players – the trip to Nicaragua with BIP is exactly what you want! We are always looking for ways that athletics and volleyball can support the mission of our institution to prepare graduates to serve in strategic capacities, to renew minds, live out truth, and transform culture. This trip is not simply about being a tourist. You will have rich experiences in the culture where your athletes can use their individual talents and skills to support meaningful work. And when you do have time to be a tourist, it’s more than fun, it’s an adventure – once in a lifetime experiences that you can’t do in the same way anywhere else. Finally, while the Nicaraguan National Team is lacking resources compared to many teams in Latin America, they made us better players. They are aggressive servers, put great swings on any ball, learn how to adjust to your hitters quickly, and our team made a long list of things they learned by playing that team. If you want to make a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of your players, I cannot recommend this trip highly enough. 

Thanh Pham,Head Coach Women’s Volleyball, University of St. Thomas

This was our second tour with Bring It Promotions and second time to Nicaragua.  The cultural experience and team bonding that occurred was priceless.  Everything from transportation, meals, and lodging was thoughtful and easy to execute.  I truly only had to worry about the volleyball.  I would 100% do it again and encourage those that haven’t to look into it.

Scott Wong, Head Coach Women’s Volleyball, Pepperdine

Bring it Promotions set up the trip of a lifetime for our young ladies and staff. The balance between quality volleyball and day after day of epic adventures with great people are a part of the treasured memories. The time we spent traveling by bike, although a little touristy, is such a great way to see cities! The Waves biked through Milan, Vienna, and Maribor and had different, but good experiences on all three adventures. The bike ride into the town center in Maribor was absolutely beautiful and full of charm.

Jenny Glenn, Head Coach Women’s Volleyball, Metropolitan State University of Denver

What an amazing experience for this team! The Nicaraguan people forever impacted us with their smiles and their simple, yet joyful, way of life.  Our experience stretched our comfort zone and grew our appreciation for the opportunities and resources that we have on a daily basis. We broke language barriers with the universal language of Volleyball and immersed into the day to day while working with children, disabled people, and other locals. We left Nicaragua with a better understanding of the world as well as what it means to be a Roadrunner!

Jeff Meeker, Head Coach Women’s Volleyball, Cornell College

Our 2018 trip to Costa Rica was our third tour with Bring It Promotions and each has been outstanding.  It is hard to put into words the positive impact these tours have on our program and our players.  Being able to blend the joys of international travel with competitive volleyball, service, learning different cultures and spreading our passion for volleyball is truly special.  We are so grateful to Brooke and BIP for providing such an amazing experience for our team in Costa Rica.

Edward Grassl, Head Womens Coach, Sonoma State University

At Sonoma State University the complete student athlete experience is paramount. Having the opportunity to bring our team to Europe is a memory that will last long after the wins and losses fade away. It was a stretch for our athletic department, but Bring It provided such an amazing experience for our girls, we are already preparing for our next trip in four years.

Darrin McBroom, Head Womens Coach, Drake University

Our team had an amazing experience on our Foreign Tour to Costa Rica!  It was exactly what we were looking for in the programs first foreign tour experience.  Our guide, Brooke, did an amazing job of building the program that we requested and in making some unplanned and last minute alterations.  She was with us for every part of the trip and even took the time to connect with our players as she shared some of her volleyball experiences.  I can’t wait to do another trip with BIP in four years! 

Shawn Olmstead, Head Coach BYU Men’s Volleyball

Both of our programs here at BYU have had the fortune of traveling with Bring It and Tim Kelly.  Each trip has been a “once in a lifetime” trip for our student-athletes and staff.  Tim communicated perfectly and promptly about every little detail of our trip so that we could enjoy the time as a team.  His insight into a “foreign tour experience” is based on his long standing relationship with coaches around the world and his genuine love of travel and foreign culture. He goes above and beyond to connect with each of our players and guests and has himself formed relationships and friendships that continued on after the trip had concluded.  BIP is the best in the business and we’ve never considered anyone else when we’ve had the opportunity to travel foreign because we know no one else has the connections and knowledge that BIP provides.