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AVCA announced that “over 40 NCAA four-year colleges and universities, 4 NAIA and more than 20 two-year colleges sponsor varsity Sand Volleyball programs”, many of which offer some financial aid. As sand volleyball is slowly creeping its way into colleges and youth volleyball clubs around the US, sand volleyball already has well established and competitive leagues throughout Europe and Latin America.

BIP has partnerships with youth beach volleyball federations in Nicaragua, Spain, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Brazil and China to offer tours that combine tournament play and extra training to get your teams “sand legs” ready for season.  BIP beach volleyball tours typically consist of at least 2 sand tournaments and 2-3 days of competitively matched games on international beaches and sand training centers. Sand tours are available for high school and college level players year round in Nicaragua and throughout Europe between April and August.  Beach volleyball tours can include exclusive beach play or a combination of indoor and outdoor competition.

In May 2015, NCAA #1 ranked University of Southern California (USC) traveled to Italy with Bring It Promotions to compete against some of the region’s best players. Check out the tour journal and results from USC’s European beach volleyball tour with BIP

The College of Charleston Beach volleyball team traveled to Nicaragua with BIP in 2015.  Coach Kepner had this to say about his team’s experience, 

Traveling to Nicaragua with BIP over spring break was one of the greatest trips I have taken at C of C.  The trip was so much more than I was expecting.  It was organized, planned perfectly and had a great balance of volleyball, community service, and team building activities.  This is something the entire team including the coaches will remember for a lifetime.  I highly recommend BIP and the trip to Nicaragua.  We definitely plan on doing this tour again down the road.

Whether your club or college team is looking for extra training or international competition, our beach volleyball tours offer an exciting and unique opportunity to play on international beaches.

Contact us now to learn more information about the sand tours tours we offer around the world.