Is this the right option for me to take where I am in my life?

So many questions to ask yourself here: 4 big questions with 4 sample Answers below:

1- Do you want to live in another country?

2- What are you willing to accept if you going to survive here on volleyball?

3-Can I do it without the immediate support of my friends, family, significant other, athletic trainer, english speaking coach or state of the art facility?

4- Am I willing to accept that I may not get a contract and have a backup plan back home?

If your answers resemble something like this, then this is a good choice for you:

1- YES, I want to live like a local while earning money as an athlete.

2- YES, is anything as long as I’m safe, happy and independent I will work hard for this life experience (this could include tutoring, coaching youth, working for the club etc. )

3- I love What’s App, Skype and Google.

4- If it’s meant to be it will be. This is an opportunity for a job. Like all job “interviews” you may not be made an offer.

What should I expect from practice/ matches during the tour?

During the tour you will have 2 volleyball sessions most days. One may be a practice and one session a match against a local European team. You will learn to warm up in the European style, be coaches by a European coach and train with other Americans, Canadians or other Bring It clients.

Why should I list more than one positions? When during the tour should I change position to show off my talent?

We want to market you the best we can. So if you can list a secondary position that you are solid in, it will make you more appealing for multiple teams. This tour is not the time to “tryout” another position that you haven’t played since high school.

Options for positions are as follows:

Opposite (play all the way around to hit out of backrow)

Middle hitter (must be able to serve)

Outside hitter (play 6 rotations)


Libero (No such thing as DS in international play…very difficult to place liberos)

How do I pack for a trip that could last 10 days, 3 weeks or 8 months?

Best advice I can give is take only what you can carry through the airport by yourself regardless of how long you stay. You will buy things here. You will take things home at the holidays and bring different things back…most U.S. products you can get here and you will definitely find new ones you like more and can’t find in America!

Somethings the girls wished they would have packed:
• Blister band aids
• More warm clothes (it is cooler than you think in Slovenia/Northern Europe)
• Shoes for sightseeing/hiking

Can I travel before or after the tour?

YES! Itinerary is up to you before or after a tour. Athletes have received contract offers well after the tour ends so staying a week or two to travel on your own could be helpful. BIP does not plan or pay for any additional travel outside of the fire sale tour dates. Families or friends can not come on the BIP tour dates with you so you can focus on the objective; getting a contract!

How much money should I bring on tour?

Most countries we travel in on tour operate on the currency of Euros (insert symbol here). The best way to get Euros is to bring a debit or credit card that doesn’t charge you to use it in Europe or has no ATM withdrawal fees. Use the ATM machine at the airport or any bank you see to get some cash out. Europe functions on a lot of cash transactions. Paying 1 euro for a latte with a credit card is annoying to most shop owners who have to pay a percentage to the bank if you use the machine. On the flip side, don’t bring a ton of american dollars to exchange. The fees are outrageous and if you get pick pocketed that money is gone forever. At least with an ATM card, the bank may help retrieve any fraud charges.

What happens if I get a contract?

Your agent will guide you through this process, so you need to trust their advice. They are your liaison for getting the most out of an offer and have your best interest at heart. Trust their experience.

If you get an offer, you agent will contact you, tell you all details and YOU make the decision on whether you want to take the contract or not. They have already negotiated the best deal for you so there usually isn’t much wiggle room once a contract is offered. Discussing the offer with a family or friend is allowed, but this is YOUR future. As an adult, you have control over your decisions. If you came here for the right reasons, trust your gut when making a decision on an offer.

If you accept an offer, you will leave the tour pretty quickly to join the signing team in their city. The team will provide transportation for you to leave the tour. They will also provide all room and board for the remainder of the tour and until the terms of your contract start.

How does the banking work for my paychecks?

If you get a job in Europe, you will probably need to set up a bank account with a foreign bank near to where you will be living. This European bank account can be linked to a U.S. bank account at a later date. They work more or less the same way as an American bank.

What type of questions should I be asking of my agent or potential coach?

General questions for you should revolve around living in the city where the team trains and competes. Other questions can be about the teammates you are playing with, other foreign players on the roster or what else you may be doing for the club besides just playing. Teams have their players coach youth teams or work for the club in some other way.

I’m sold! When should I submit my deposit?

When you are ready to commit to the January tour, send your deposit to:

Bring It Promotions

Attn: Kelly, JEET ’17

7055 Scripps Crescent

Goleta, CA 93117

Please be SURE that your name and “JEET ’17” appear on the check.

This deposit goes towards the total cost of the tour. After you send your deposit, BOOK A FLIGHT to Europe. You make all your own travel arrangements to get to the first stop on the tour. BIP does not help you get to or home from the tour.  A lot of girls pay for the tour out of pocket, but we have had many girls set up a “GoFundMe” account or found sponsors through their alma mater booster club.

Got more questions? Contact us today!