Exotic and exhilarating are the words that best describe BIP’s tours to South America.  We offer volleyball tours to Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Chile.  Our most popular trip starts in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and ends in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Your team will get competitive match play against the Junior National team and other local clubs throughout the trip, but this tour offers so much more than just volleyball.  Enjoy a captivating Tango Show in Buenos Aires.  Take a boat tour on the River Delta and drift through a maze of tributaries and lush rain forest to experience Amazon wildlife. Or just soak up  the sun on one of Brazil’s many picture perfect white sandy beaches.

This unique volleyball tour experience is sure to leave a lasting impression on your team. All tours are custom built. Most tours in South American run between 9-14 days. The destinations, number of matches, tourist and volunteer activities are predetermined by the coaching staff.

To read more about our Brazil volleyball tours, check out our blog recapping A5 Volleyball Club’s trip. Or click here to view a complete list of past teams that have traveled with us to South America.  Contact us for more information about tour itineraries and prices for South America.