Bring It Promotions has established partnerships with volleyball clubs and federations throughout various countries in Asia including China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

In 2011 and 2012 we hosted two USA/BIP in China teams paving the way for future university teams tours. The Pac 12 All Star Conference teams started traveling with us in 2013.  And we hosted the University of Kentucky women’s team in China in 2014, BYU in 2016, and both Sacramento State and Swarthmore College in 2017. In 2017 we also hosted the USA College National Team at the World University Games in Taiwan, and the Minnesota State women’s team in Japan.  View the complete list of teams who have traveled with BIP to Asia here.

Craig Skinner, University of Kentucky Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, had this to say about his team’s experience in China:

“Our tour to China was a once in a lifetime experience for our players and program. BIP and Chris Chen provided an incredible two week volleyball concentrated tour that really challenged and matured out returning team. Being in China was a cultural education on top of playing the game at an extremely high level. There is no doubt that our team will significantly benefit from this experience.”

China is the most popular destination in the region. We’ve partnered with Chris Chen, ex-member of the Chinese mens national team and founder of Nomax Inc to host teams and develop international relations between Chinese clubs and federation volleyball teams internationally.

BIP now offers volleyball tours to China for teams of all levels and ages. From Shanghai to Beijing this tour will take you through 1,800 year old symbolic remains of the Ming dynasty and one of the world’s greatest wonders, the Great Wall of China. You’ll explore the river banks of the Pujiang river and shop your way through silk markets. Visit the Presidential Palace, the Forbidden City and ancient Confucian Temples. This experience of a life time is not for the feint of heart – unique cultural experiences and dining delicacies are guarantee to broaden perspective. Your team will train at the Jiangsu Sports Training Center and compete against the Chinese junior national team and various local club teams to suit your level.

To learn more about our Chinese volleyball tours, watch Coach Craig Skinner’s interview reflecting on the Kentucky Wildcats tour to China with BIP in 2014. And contact us to get a price quote and sample itinerary for your team trip to China.