BIP has been bringing youth club and high school volleyball teams around the world to play volleyball and experience eye-opening travel for almost 20 years.  We specialize in volleyball tours that combine competitive volleyball with site-seeing, unique cultural activities and travel to beautiful cities. All of tours provide competitive match play against foreign youth teams and team bonding activities for your team.

International volleyball tours and tournaments with BIP provide junior clubs an excellent alternative to the typical USAV and AAU end of season tournaments.  Our team tours are also an excellent recruiting tool to attract club players to your organization.

For all of our tours you choose the length of the tour, the dates, the cities or countries that you’d like to visit, as well as the level and amount of gym time you want your team to experience.   We handle all the transportation, lodging and meals at a price level that is right for your organization.  We offer the lowest prices possible for a tour that is specifically designed to fit your teams needs. And most importantly, we can cater to almost any playing level or budget. So whether your team wants junior olympic level competition against youth national teams, or is on a shoe-string budget seeking a service based volleyball trip, we’ve got the perfect tour to suit your needs.

In addition to tour standard international volleyball tours, BIP also hosts youth tournaments around the world.  Our two biggest youth tournaments of the year are the New Year’s Bash and the Global Challenge in Pula, Croatia every summer.

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BIP youth club indoor and sand volleyball tours are available for all level teams for travel to Europe, Latin America and Asia. Contact us now to learn more information about the tours we offer around the world.

Previous Tours


Jul 7,2014 – Jul 19,2014 Northern Lights / Europe Europe
Jun 17,2014 – Jun 26,2014 COAST / Europe Europe
Apr 16,2014 – Apr 23,2014 Long Beach Mizuno / Europe Europe
Apr 12,2014 – Apr 20,2014 Club Fusion / Italy Europe Journal
Mar 27,2014 – Apr 3,2014 Premier Academy / Nicaragua China
Jul 8,2013 – Jul 20,2013 Northern Lights u16 Europe
Jun 10,2013 – Jun 22,2013 Northern Nevada Juniors Europe
Mar 25,2013 – Apr 1,2013 Club Fusion 18s Nicaragua Journal
Mar 25,2013 – Apr 2,2013 Northern Lights U18 (4 teams) Europe
Dec 26,2012 – Jan 6,2013 9th Annual New Years Bash Europe


  • New Year’s Bash IX
  • Fusion 18’s to Europe
  • Northern Lights u18, Easter Europe
  • German Federation HP U16, Tour to Texas
  • Northern Nevada Juniors to Europe
  • 9th Annual Global Challenge


  • New Year’s Bash VIII
  • Mizuno Long Beach, Italy
  • Northern Lights u18, Easter Italy
  • Fusion 18’s to Europe (May 7-15)
  • 8th Annual Global Challenge
  • Ravens Volleyball Club, Europe


  • New Years Bash VII
  • 7th Annual Global Challenge
  • Northern Lights u18, Easter in Italy
  • Northern Lights u16, Summer in Europe


  • 6th Annual Global Challenge Europe
  • 6th Annual New Years Bash Europe
  • Northern Lights 18-1 and 18-2 Italy
  • Long Beach Mizuno Europe
  • Capital Volleyball Europe
  • Premier Volleyball Europe
  • Northern Lights 16-1 Europe
  • Club Fusion Nicaragua
  • Boys Global Challenge Europe
  • BIP Volleyball Mission Tour Barbados


  • Global Challenge (5th Annual), Girls
  • Global Challenge, Boys
  • BIP/USA Development Team, Global Challenge, Europe
  • CJ & Co. “Nease Volleyball” to New Zealand
  • South Bay Volleyball Club (Lyd!), Nicaragua
  • Northern Lights, Cornacchia Tournament, Italy
  • Premier Volleyball Team Tour, Italy
  • Fusion 18’s, Europe
  • MEZVA Youth Championships, Pula, Croatia


  • 5th Annual New Years Bash
  • Team Florida (Nicaragua)
  • Boys Global Challenge
  • European Global Challenge (Girls)
  • Northern Lights 16’s (Europe)
  • Northern Lights (Italy)


  • 4th Annual New Years Bash
  • Greece Youth & Juniors Tour 2007
  • European Global Challenge (Girls) 2007
  • European Global Challenge (Boys) 2007
  • Northern Lights U18’s Italy Tour 2007
  • Mizuno Long Beach Juniors Italy Tour 2007
  • Northern Lights to Croatia 2007


  • 3rd Annual New Year’s Bash
  • 2006 Global Challenge
  • South Pacific Tour 2006
  • Northern Lights (Italy)
  • Northern Lights / Front Range


  • 2nd Annual New Year’s Bash
  • High Performace Global Challenge, 2005
  • Northern Lights II
  • Nicaragua 2005
  • Northern Lights 18’s in Italy


  • 1st Annual New Year’s Bash, 2004-05
  • South Africa Journal – 2004
  • IVA to Argentina, July 2004
  • Long Beach Mizuno Juniors- Spring Break Tour to Australia


  • Alabama/Reno Juniors Slovenian Adventure, July 17-27, 2003
  • Alabama Juniors Tour, July 5-16, 2003


  • Intermountain USA Volleyball – July 19-30, 2001
  • The Heart of Dixie gets a Taste of Europe – July 17 to 27, 2002


  • Long Beach State Juniors -December 26 2002 to January 6, 2003