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Youth and Juniors Club Tours

BIP has been bringing youth and juniors club teams around the world to play volleyball and experience eye-opening travel for almost 20 years.  We specialize in volleyball tours that combine competitive volleyball with sightseeing, unique cultural activities and travel to beautiful cities. All of tours provide competitive match play against foreign youth teams and team bonding activities for your team.

For all of our tours you choose the length of the tour, the dates, the cities or countries that you’d like to visit, as well as the level and amount of gym time you want your team to experience.   We handle all the transportation, lodging and meals at a price level that is right for your organization.  We offer the lowest prices possible for a tour that is specifically designed to fit your teams needs. And most importantly, we can cater to almost any playing level or budget. So whether your team wants junior olympic level competition against youth national teams, or is on a shoe-string budget seeking a service based volleyball trip, we’ve got the perfect tour to suit your needs.

BIP also hosts an annual Global Challenge volleyball tournament in July for u17 and u23 divisions in Pula, Croatia.  The mission of the Global Challenge is to provide teams international experience and exposure for youth and junior volleyball players. Past tournaments participants have included club and country federation teams from Japan, Iran, Slovenia, Russia, Romania, Germany, Bosnia, Montenegro, China, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Denmark and Puerto Rico, plus USA regional HP, youth national, junior national, and collegiate national teams. The 16th annual Global Challenge will take place in Pula, Croatia on July 13 through July 17, 2020 for u18 and u23 teams from around the world. Pre tours will start July 10th.  Contact us for more information on playing or coaching a volleyball team at next year’s Global Challenge.

BIP’s international volleyball tours and tournaments provide clubs an excellent alternative to the typical USAV and AAU end of season tournaments – especially for 18 & under club teams.  Our international volleyball tours are also an excellent recruiting tool to attract players to your club. Many clubs that travel internationally with us also find it easier to build a mixed delegation of players from various teams rather than just focusing on their “18-1s” or “17-1s” team. Often 1-2 key players from one specific team can’t travel on certain dates, but this shouldn’t be a reason to give up on travel for the rest of the team and club.

BIP youth club indoor and beach volleyball tours are available for all level teams for travel to Europe, Latin America and Asia. Contact us now to learn more information about the tours we offer around the world.

Join the movement of clubs taking foreign tours with BIP!

Since 1996 we’ve been organizing international travel for volleyball teams around the world!

  • We work with teams of all levels of high school and youth club teams. View the extensive list of teams who have traveled with us in past years. 

  • You choose the destination and all leave the detail planning to us. We’ll organize the volleyball matches, in-country transportation, sightseeing, hotels and team meals.

  • One of our qualified english speaking BIP guides will be with your team throughout the entire duration of the tour.

  • We encourage you to read through our coaches testimonials and ask them about their tour experience.

Check out what club coaches and directors have to say about their team’s experience on tour with BIP.

Northern Lights Jr Volleyball has been traveling with BIP since 2005.  We have done 27 tours taking 43 teams and over 400 athletes to Europe.  Each tour has been phenomenal.   We have visited most of the European countries and we have played many of their Youth National Teams, something that would be very difficult to do without the BIP personal connections to those teams.   Each year we take 2-4 18’s teams on a 9 day trip to Italy where they play in multiple tournaments and visit Rome, Venice and other cities such as Verona & Milan.   We have had some unique cultural experiences playing against teams from around the world and then having dinner with them afterwards.   We have played in small towns where the entire town has packed the gym, had barbeques on mountains, had home cooked meals, gone on boat trips, seen the Bastille Day fireworks at the Eifel Tower with 200,000 other people, the list goes on and on.   All of this is at a cost which is exceptionally reasonable, and best of all Tim & Corey take care of all the details.  You just fly there and let them take care of you.    For those of you who run clubs here is what our Seniors say about their trip to Italy when they return.  “It was the best trip I have ever taken in my Jr career”.

Curt Glesmann, Northern Lights Jr Volleyball

Highest possible rating by A5 and our staff for Bring it USA and Brooke Rundle for their leadership and stewardship of our athletes and group on our recent Brazil trip. From our amazing Samba experience, to the beaches of Rio to staying and playing at the Brazilian National Volleyball Training Center our experience on this trip changed our lives forever. Attention to detail, knowledge of the possibilities and a stellar tone and approach to the trip was of the highest order. A5 is honored and humbled to have had this opportunity through Bring it USA. Our trust and belief in what Bring it USA is doing and actually did for our athletes and staff ensures our continued participation in future events of this nature. We will be back.

Bob Westbrook, A5 Volleyball Club

There are absolutely no words to describe this experience!  Brooke Rundle introduced us to the diverse Nicaraguan culture and allowed us to be immersed in one-on-one and group experiences.  There was a perfect balance between team bonding, volleyball and community service.  This experience was life changing for our players, coaches and parents.  The transportation and accommodations provided were great.  The highlights of our trip was spending time with the local school children, working with a disabled adults program, and running volleyball clinics.  Our players also enjoyed meeting and playing against the Nicaraguan national and junior national teams.   There were plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy it.  Each day was so well prepared, and was filled with an incredible amount of activities.  I would highly recommend this tour to any college or club program.   I truly feel it caused our players to reevaluate their priorities, and helped them to gain some insight to their futures. #nicawayoflife

Jerry Lynch, Absolute Volleyball Academy of Texas (AVA)

Our tour in China surpassed every expectation we had prior to our departure. Tim Kelly and the BIP crew were phenomenal as always. What blew us away was how well received our team was. The culture, the people, the volleyball and the itinerary were first class. Of course, we checked off the bucket list items (Shanghai, Beijing, Great Wall, Bullet Train, etc.) … but it was the cultural experiences we had with the teams we played that set this trip apart from the rest. After nearly 2 dozen tours with BIP, China 2017 quickly vaulted into one of the most memorable experiences I’ve personally had and my players continue to talk about the trip to this day. I highly recommend China as a destination for clubs looking for an amazing international volleyball experience.

Eric Schulze, Executive Director/Owner, VC United

Bring IT USA has offered so many incredible opportunities for student athletes at JJVA. Our players have traveled to more than 20 countries across Europe, Central America, the Caribbean islands, South Africa, Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia. Each location and trip brings on challenges for our athletes to learn and experience: different cultures, language barriers, and of course different styles and levels of volleyball, on our team as well as our opponents. But BIP tours are much more than an opportunity to compete for a brief period overseas. BIP has always focused on immersing in the local culture and community to provide a unique experience. Many tours go to smaller communities where they are hosted by the local club, eat in the sponsors restaurants, and engage with the local teams off the court. Of course this causes challenges in communication, food concerns (is that oink or moo or cluck?) and, of course, the inevitable comparison of housing (you have your OWN bathroom!?!?), school and family. Through these challenges the athletes bonded and became better for it.  Watching our team sit and stretch or eat a meal with the team we are visiting is priceless. We overcome language barriers through pantomime, playing games, or encouraging the locals to try out their English skills (which are MUCH better than our Italian or Spanish or Slavic or whatever!). We’ve often shared practice or competition with these teams, mixing in players and sharing coaching duties to provide a unique learning experience for the girls. While the competition is fierce, we focus on breaking down barriers and developing relationships across the world of volleyball. The conversations, the laughs, the pictures, the sharing of social media is incredible.  Each tour is different, each experience exposes the young student athlete to a life time of memories and friendships.  Many of our players continue their relationships on social media and have remained in touch for years. Some of the foreign players have come to play at American colleges, and they are pleasantly surprised to find a familiar opponent. Others have provided housing and guides when we have returned to visit them again. BIP runs a clean, fun, well oiled tour.  We have committed to honoring our student athletes with world wide volleyball opportunities and we will continue to choose BIP to provide them.

CJ Sherman, JJVA - Jacksonville Juniors Volleyball - Recruiting Coordinator

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