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2019 January European Exposure Tour

Placed off the January Tour for Remainder of 2018-19 Season:

  • Carina Hoff (OPP/OH, N. Florida ’19, USA) – Nurmon Jymy, Finland

Placed in August for the 2019-20 Season:

  • Kaylie Jorgenson (OH, NAU ‘19, Canada) – TV Holz, Germany
  • Lindsay Flory (S, LSU ’19, USA) – Schwarz-Weiss Erfurt, Germany
  • Tristyn Sells (OH, […]
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AVA Rox Travels to Costa Rica 2019

Absolute Volleyball Academy’s 18 Rox and 18 Attack teams took joined forces for an international trip to Costa Rica with Bring It Promotions on March 12th – 17th, 2019. They got to experience the very best that Costa Rica has to offer including volunteering, volleyball matches, […]

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A5 Volleyball Club Travels to Japan 2018

Life changing.

This phrase is how our staff and players describe our recently completed Japan experience.

There are simply no other words that capture the quality and depth of what this trip meant to us as individuals, as a club and as a team.

Our athletes represented us in the […]

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August Firesale 2018

The 2018 August Firesale was another huge success with 9 tryouts, 8 player contract offers in 9 different countries.  Check the final placement results and player reflections here.

Player Tryouts/Contracts:

  1. Jen Hamson, BYU; Wiesbaden, Germany
  2. Rachel Cox, University of Rhode Island; Korinthos, Greece
  3. Ashlyn MacGregor, University of Maryland; […]
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2018 January European Exposure Tour

The 2018 January Tour started in Maribor, Slovenia in a hotel and training center on the bottom of a World Cup ski mountain, and made its way through Italy to end in Milan 10 nights later. This tour has proved year after year to be the best way to find a team in Europe for […]

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2016 August Firesale (Women)

In August of 2016, while the Olympics were running in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, a different stage for athletic ability was on display in Maribor, Slovenia. 33 women and 9 men volleyball players came to DRAS center in hopes of getting a contract to play with an international professional volleyball team. Below are […]

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2016 January European Exposure Tour (Women)

January 8-18 , 2016

This year’s January Tour will start in Maribor, Slovenia in a gorgeous hotel on the bottom of a World Cup ski mountain, and make its way through Italy to end in Milan 11 days later…
This tour has proved year after year to be the best way to find a team in Europe […]

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FAQs Exposure Tours

Is this the right option for me to take where I am in my life?

So many questions to ask yourself here: 4 big questions with 4 sample Answers below:

1- Do you want to live in another country?

2- What are you willing to accept if you going to survive here on […]

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2014 August Firesale (Women)

The 2014 Women’s Fires ale will again use Maribor’s DRAS Center in Slovenia as a base. This place is amazing, with luxurious rooms, a wonderful restaurant and bar, and a volleyball gym in the building; all right on a ski mountain with gorgeous views.

This tour is more of camp, but everyone will love it. The […]

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Florida Club Tour Nicaragua 2008

June 12, 2008 by Taylor Permenter

15 high school and middle school volleyball players boarded a plane to Managua, Nicaragua. We hardly knew each other and were totally unaware of the experience we here about to have. The trip was through Bring IT USA Promotions (a Volleyball travel […]

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